Mr. Rick Noorman



Mr. Tom Bergman

Pre-Calc, Statistics, FST, Intro to
Programming, Java Programming, and Algebra II Concepts and Skills

Mr. Kyle Bruinooge

NT Survey, Worldviews,
Curriculum Director

Mrs. Anne Deemter

Music Assistant, Piano Player for Choir

Miss Alyssa DeVries

American Literature, Journalism,
AP English

Miss Megan DeVries

Business Law, Government, World History

Mr. Karl Dykstra

Church History I, Cults, New Testament Survey

Mr. Matt Elzinga

Band Instructor
Technology Committee

Mr. Eric Gritters

Choirs, Art I and II

Miss Trisha Haak

English 9, British Literature

Miss Stephanie Holstege

English 9, English 10, American Literature

Mr. Dan Kuiper

Physical Science, Biology, Advanced Biology

Mr. Matt Kuiper

Health, PE

Mr. Joel Minderhoud

Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science

Mr. Ethan Mingerink

Spanish I, ll, and III

Mr. Jared Noorman

Algebra l, Physical Science, and Chemistry

Mr. Joel Noorman

World History Survey, Economics, Accounting

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Amy Mol

Office Secretary

Miss Leah Kuiper

Office Assistant



Mr. Brian Kalsbeek





Mr. Rick DeVries

Assistant Principal, Tech Coordinator
Modern World History, Government,

Miss Kristen Pawloski

Biology, Geometry C&S, Anatomy and Physiology

Mr. Eric Phelps


Mr. Eric Pols

World History, Geometry, Algebra II, Health

Miss Briana Prins

Algebra C&S, Geometry, and English 9

Mrs. Mary Burchett

Latin l and ll, English 10, Senior Writing, Speech and Debate

Mr. Travis VanBemmel

Athletic Director, U.S. History, Woodworking

Mr. Dylan VanDyke

Computer Applications, World History, US History, Senior Writing

Mr. Jon VanDyk

Mechanical Drawing, General Applied Technology, Architectual Design, Woodworking

Mr. Brantley VanOverloop

Geometry, FST, Algebra II

Mr. Jon VanOverloop

Biology, Psychology, Physical Science

Mr. Dan VanUffelen

Church History I, Church History II

Mr. Scott VanUffelen

US History, Church History II, Worldviews, Global Issues

Mrs. Jori Yeong

American Literature, English 10, Senior Writing

Special Education

Miss Amanda Haney

Special Education Director

Miss Stephanie Adams

Special Education

Mrs. Nicole Holstege

Special Education

Academic Support

Mrs. Rochelle Heyboer

Academic Support

Miss Lindsey Holstege

Academic Support


Janitorial Staff

Mr. Jon VanDyk
Facilities Manager, Janitor

Staff in Action