Tuition Cost 2023-24

The tuiton schedule has been approved at the Annual Society meeting and is as follows:

1 Student               $ 7,575
2 Students             $13,255
3 Students             $17,040
4 Students             $20,825


Tuition Payment Policy

To constitute a valid enrollment for the current academic year a parent must have all past tuition plus one-tenth of the new school year's tuition paid at the time of enrollment.

A late enrollment fee of $25 per student will be assessed for each student enrolled after the announced enrollment dates.

After enrollment, one-tenth of the current year's tuition is due each month. Accounts must be maintained on a current basis to assure the proper operations of the school and enable the treasurer to pay the teaching staff and other operational expenses promptly and properly. Accounts must be current at Nov. 1, Feb. 1, and May 1 of the current school year.

If a student's tuition has not been paid in full or if satisfactory arrangements have not been made with the Finance Committee by the time end of year exams are administered, that student will not be permitted to take the exams until the next time the exams are administered in those classes.

Those unable to comply with the above tuition payment policies must meet with and make arrangements satisfactory to the Finance Committee.