Miss Amanda Haney

I started out as a second grade teacher at Heritage Christian school before starting my work as the Special Education Administrator. No one had ever had this job prior to me so I knew I wouldn’t be compared to anyone but I also wouldn’t have a roadmap. That scared me a bit but also provided me with an exciting challenge. For those of you that know me, you know I love a bit of a challenge and a whole lot of excitement! I have had an immense amount of support from the Special Education Board, the CCHS faculty and staff, friends, family and countless others.

One thing that I think is confusing for many people is where I work. I was hired by the Special Education Board to serve as the administrator for the program. We are blessed to have two special education rooms in Michigan: one at Heritage Christian School and another at Covenant Christian High School. I spend time in both schools throughout the week. So, depending on the day or time of day, you might see me at either place. I also communicate with all of our other West Michigan schools as well as our other Protestant Reformed schools with special needs students. Teachers from Hull, Randolph, Loveland, and Dyer have reached out for support and answers to questions via email and Skype. I am encouraged by the community we have, to support each other in the education of our special needs children.

It is really hard for me to nail down my job description in a quick answer. However, I’ll give you a short description. I teach an individualized curriculum to our CCHS SE students. That includes a variety of subjects from English and Math to life skills and social skills. I also work with the general education teachers to make modifications for the inclusion classes of which our SE students are a part. I coordinate with Grandville Public School Services in areas that may be beneficial and appropriate for our students, such as speech, hearing/language support, and social work. I advocate for our students and their parents at annual IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings. I communicate with our grade school Discovery and Resource room teachers to begin transition planning for future students, as well as the general oversight of the Special Education room, teacher, and aides at Heritage.

Do I miss teaching second grade? Of course. I loved it. But I also love where God has led me this year and I know that I’m where he wants me to be.

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