Friday, March 17


1. STANDARDIZED TESTING, APRIL 11-13: PARENTS - Please avoid making appointments during the testing times, and if at all possible, reschedule previously made appointments that may conflict. KCTC/CTC Seniors are expected to attend their classes on these days, but KCTC/CTC Juniors will be excused due to testing.
a. On April 11, all JUNIORS are scheduled to take the M-STEP during the first half of the day, and normal classes resume for them after that.
b. On April 12, FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, and JUNIORS are scheduled to take the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and SAT respectively. Freshmen and Sophomores will be dismissed around noon, and Juniors will be dismissed around 1:30 p.m. Seniors will have the day off and are encouraged to use it for job shadows, college visits, or other college/career-readiness opportunities.
c. On April 13, Juniors are scheduled to take the ACT WorkKeys during the first half of the day, and normal classes resume for them after that.

2. GRADUATION: Cap, gown, and tassel orders will continue to be distributed to Seniors today. Please pick up in the office. If you only ordered a tassel that will be sent directly to your home.

3. ATTENTION SENIORS: There is an updated guidance schedule hanging on the Guidance Office door. Mr. Mahtani will be meeting with you to help you finalize your plans for next year. Please take any questions that you have to the appointment. Last Names B-H.

4. HOT LUNCH: Pizza will be served today for $1.50 a slice. Gluten free pizza will be available in the office.

5. SPIKEBALL INTRAMURALS: Check out the rules and sign up with a friend outside the teachers’ lounge. Games will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on Tuesday, March 28.

6. SENIORS AND JUNIORS: If you're the first person in your family attending college, please consider attending a brief informational session in the library next Wednesday during lunch. The Calvin rep will be here, along with a First Generation Calvin student, speaking specifically about things First Generation students need to know. Topics covered would be faculty advisors, different study habits, how to prepare for college, etc.

7. SENIORS: The deadline to pay class dues is TODAY. Submit them as a check to Covenant Christian High School - no cash please.

Amidst all the excitement of recent days
Bracket busters galore and no blue and maize
Circumference, diameter and pecan pies
More snow day homework than you did realize
Yet in all of this you did succeed
To pay your dues with great speed
Thank-you, Thank-you declare we
Our work so easy, hardly a word of plea
With dues mainly collected
Our itinerary is soon to be selected
No thrill so great have you enjoyed
It surely will leave none annoyed.
To our fine poet we bid farewell
He had some help he must tell
For AI assistance he did find
A way to bring dues before your mind
AI has its place to be sure
But in lieu of your homework it is no cure
Its use as your homework is strictly forbidden
Such AI misuse cannot be hidden
There is One who knows the heart
Under Whose careful eye we cannot depart
It is your calling, honest work to do
Obey your Master unto whom all glory is due.
NB: This poem was written by a human.