Mr. Brantley VanOverloop

Hello everyone! My name is Brantley Van Overloop. A lot of you probably recognize me because I graduated from Covenant in 2016. I then sort of disappeared for a while. I was in Illinois attending Trinity Christian College receiving a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics Education. I did part of my student teaching at a public high school in Chicago teaching Algebra. I then packed my bags and headed to Tasmania, Australia to finish my student teaching overseas. The plan was to be there for about two and a half months, but then, simply put, “COVID happened” and I had to come back early. I had an amazing time there meeting God’s people on the other side of the world. I would love to go back someday.

I am currently teaching Geometry, FST, and Algebra II. I get to teach some of the greatest students in the world the best subject in the world. I also have the privilege of helping coach the cross country team here at Covenant. If you ever want something to talk about with me, bring up running, and I will probably talk your ear off.


Contact:  Brantley VanOverloop