Mr. Dylan VanDyke

Before I get to formally introducing myself, I would first like to say what an amazing blessing it is, not only to have the schools that we do, but to be able to teach in them. Our schools have been undergoing a lot of growth lately, and its amazing to be a part of that and be personally invested in it. Being a part of shaping and guiding the covenant youth is nothing short of a huge responsibility, but it also ends up being a good deal of fun along the way.

I am the son of Dan and Shelley VanDyke. Many of you may know my father, who teaches at Heritage. For those of you who do, it should come as no surprise that he inspired me and definitely helped lead me to the path of becoming a teacher. I attended both Heritage, where he teaches, and Covenant where I now teach. Both of these schools played a large role in who I am today and I am incredibly thankful for them. After high school, I spent four years at Dordt College in Iowa. Although I can’t say I miss delightful Iowa winters, I did enjoy the fellowship, friendship and community that was there. Both on campus and in our churches there, I was able to find a place which helped me to grow and develop as both an academic and a child of God. I have a degree in Secondary Education and American/ World History.

I teach History classes here at Covenant, as well as a Senior Writing class and Computer Applications. Teaching a wide range of both subjects and grade levels has been very enjoyable, even if it’s also been very busy. In my spare time, I am both a reader and writer and am currently finishing working on my first novel. It was my love of stories in general that I believe drew me to History and the desire to teach it.

It is my hope that I will continue to grow as both a teacher and a person. I look forward to working here in the future and spending my time growing in faith alongside both the students and fellow teachers!


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