Mrs. Mary (Macy) Burchett was born and raised in Hudsonville, Michigan, attending both Heritage and Covenant Christian for her lower education. She graduated from Calvin College in 2019 with a degree in Secondary Education English and a minor in Latin. Currently, she teaches Latin I, Latin II, English 10, and Senior Writing; she tries to combine her first love of the Latin language into each of her classes as best she can. She is also the coach for men's volleyball at Covenant. 

During the summer, Macy works at a wedding venue, which she finds to be a lot of fun. In all her free time, she plays co-ed volleyball and soccer, writes for her church's newsletter, and travels. She also enjoys reading, sketching, playing any outdoor activity, and puns. 

As a language teacher, she finds languages to be fascinating. If she could, she'd love to learn several more so that she could travel to places and see them in the fullest color.



Contact: Macy Burchett