Miss Stephanie Adams

Before my first experience at Covenant going through high school, life started for me in Lynden, Washington. I was born into a family with 2 older sisters, and we were part of the Lynden PRC until moving to Michigan in 1997. Here in Grand Rapids, I live on the NE side of the city and am a member of First PRC. One of my joys in life is being involved with my family; I have 8 living nieces and nephews. Some other things I enjoy are music, reading, biking, and traveling.

After high school, I attended Baker College in Muskegon to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. This field involves helping people of any age achieve more independence with daily activities; I worked with adults and seniors in physical rehabilitation and in the homecare setting. I am finding that my background in Occupational Therapy is very applicable in my current position being involved in the Special Education program as a para-professional.

Back at high school now, I continue to learn as well as assist with instruction and in developing life skills. It is good being part of this body of Covenant, and I look forward to continued growth together!


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